Edible Flowers

Summer is here and the flowers are blooming all around us.

And what is a more cheerful sight than the sight of drinks with flowers in them, or cakes, pies and other culinary delights dressed in flowers?

However, don’t just go picking any flower for your drinks, cookies and pies.

You don’t want to poison yourself, so here is a list of edible flowers that you can add to your drinks, cakes, pies or cookies.

Angelica: tastes like licorice


Anise hyssop: anise or licorice flavor


Apple blossoms: like apples


Chive flowers: taste like chives


Bee Balm: tastes somewhat like oregano or mint


Borage: somewhat cucumber-like


Carnation: sweet flavor, good for desserts


Chamomile: somewhat like apples


Chervil: anise


Chrysanthemums: tangy, bitter


Clover: sweet, somewhat anise


Cornflower: usually spicy, somewhat like cloves


Dandelion: sweet, honey-like


Garden Sorrel: tart, lemony


Hibiscus: tart, like cranberries


Honeysuckle: sweet


Jasmine: strong, good for use in tea

Lavender: sweet, floral


Lemon verbena: lemon


Lilac: flowery, a little bitter


Linden: similar to honeysuckle


Marigold: usually peppery, can be somewhat bitter


Nasturtium: peppery, good in salads


Pansy: mild, slightly sweet

Primrose: slightly sweet


Queen Anne’s Lace: light, like a carrot


Rose: different varieties have different flavors, but mostly sweet; even if you do not want to eat them, consider using them to decorate cakes and pastries

Sunflower: young flowers taste like artichokes, older flowers are bitter


Sweet Woodruff: sweet, somewhat nutty


Tulip: mild lettuce or cucumber flavor


Hope you enjoyed this list.

What edible flowers have you tried?



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